Create links from anywhere across the web with our Geniuslink Chrome Extension! The extension allows you to right-click on link anywhere on the web and create shortened intelligent link without having to copy and paste into your Geniuslink dashboard. 

How to install

  • Head on over to the Chrome Web Store and search for "Geniuslink" - or just click here.
  • Click on "Add to Chrome," then "Add Extension" when prompted

  • You'll now see the Geniuslink G in your Google Chrome toolbar (top-right of the browser window) to let you know it's installed. Nice. 

How to sync to Geniuslink Account

  • Navigate to the "Account" page in your Geniuslink account - or just click here.
  • Add a new API key by clicking "Add an API Key" under the "Api Key" section. 
  • Copy and paste the API Key and Secret values into the Chrome Extension
  • Once the keys have been verified, select the group you want to sync your links to when you create them

  • That's it! Your plugin is ready to be used. 

How to use the Geniuslink Chrome Extension.

  • Once installed and activated, simply right click on any link, select "Create link" and voilà, your new link will instantly be added to your Geniuslink account. 
  • Alternatively, you can right click anywhere on the page and create a shortened URL from the URL on the current tab.

  • Once created, you'll get a dialog box to let you know that link has been added to the group you selected. 

  • You can view the link you just created (plus a few others) if you click on the G and select "View five last links"

  • Copy and paste links from that menu as well if you want to immediately post the links you've created. 

Next steps.

Want to customize your links further?  No problem! Log into your Geniuslink account, and add advanced targeting rules, retargeting pixels, choice pages and more. Create the world's most intelligent links and customize them to your heart's content!