Maintain your branding across all of your globalized Amazon / iTunes links on your Wordpress blog, by using your own custom domain with the Amazon or iTunes Link Engine plugins.  This allows you to still globalize and affiliate all of your iTunes / Amazon links with our plugin, all while maintaining your personal branding across your website to give your customers the best experience possible.   

How to add your custom domain to the ALE or iLE:

  1. First, make sure that you have correctly set up your Custom Domain with the Geniuslink service. 
  2. If your domain has been added to your Geniuslink account, log into your Wordpress site, and navigate to the "Plugins" tab.
  3. From here, find either the Amazon Link Engine or iTunes Link Engine plugin, and click on "Settings." (Note: be sure that the plugin is Activated on your site first).
  4. If you have not already connected the ALE or iLE Plugin, you will need to add your API keys to connect the plugin to your Geniuslink Account.
  5. Once your plugin is properly connected, you can select your Custom domain from the dropdown menu under "Use Domain:"

  6. Select the domain that you wish to use for this plugin, and then his "Save Changes."
  7. That's it! All of your links will still be globalized and affiliated through our service, but will show your own custom domain!