One extremely powerful feature available to our clients is called Split Testing. Split Testing allows you to specify multiple destinations for a single link, then specify what proportion of users who click on that link you want delivered to each of your specified destinations. 

This can be extremely useful for A/B testing multiple destinations for a single link to see which performs best. An example would be to specify two destinations, site A and site B, for a single link. If you set the link to direct 50% of the the traffic to site A, and 50% to site B, then exactly half of the clicks on that link will direct to site A, and the other half to site B.

To create an A/B Split Test link, simply navigate to the links tab, click "New.." and select "A/B Split."


This will bring up the link options page, where you can specify multiple destination URLs and the percentage of traffic you'd like directed to each. You can add more destination URLs by clicking "Add another destination."


Simply add your destination URLs, specify the percentage of total traffic you want directed to each destination, and click save.  (Please note: percentages must add up to 100%)


Your intelligent link with Split Testing is now ready for the world! Use these links to test and study how different destinations perform for your audience.