You have already taken the first step towards creating the most effective marketing campaigns possible by using your intelligent, links to customize the experience for each of your customers. It is now time to take the next step, and learn from these links in order to fine tune your marketing campaigns.

Introducing the Report Engine!

The Report Engine is the newest edition to the Geniuslink suite of reporting tools. This powerful tool allows you to slice and dice your reports in any way you can think of, in order to truly get the most out of your marketing efforts.  Easily see where in the world your clicks are coming from, which links / groups are performing best, where your highest conversion rates are, etc. 

Unlimited Possibilities 

Everything that is included in the reports on your home page is still available within the Report Engine, but now, you are no longer limited to only the top ten results. You can now dive deep into your data and compare up to 5000 rows across 10 different metrics, including, Links, Groups, Referrers, Countries, Devices, and more. This allows you to truly measure where your marketing efforts are most effective, and see which areas can be improved to fine tune your marketing campaigns. 

In addition, you can now download and export your reports directly to a CSV, JSON, or XML document, in order to manipulate the data in any way you want. Well as long as you aren't fudging the numbers in order to get that big promotion. Seriously, don't do that, you will get fired. 

Where can I find the amazing Report Engine? 

Currently the Report engine can be found underneath the "Reports" tab within your Geniuslink Dashboard. If you don't see it, you may need to upgrade your account to our most recent plan to access this feature. Feel free to contact us!