Google Tag Manager is a repository that allows you to run a lot of different tags to track a ton of different metrics. GTM integrates other Google products, like Google Analytics and Google Adwords. The cool part is you can add multiple conversion tracking pixels on the same tag! Conversion Tracking is a great way to make note of who clicks on your links so that you can advertise to those users again. 

For example, imagine you're promoting a brand new product that you're bringing to the market. If someone clicks on that link, it means they're very interested in purchasing. Now - let's fast forward six months to the second, better, more awesome version of that same product. You can use conversion tracking to create custom audiences for Google Adwords so that you can advertise to people you already know are interested in your products to purchase the new version. Since they've already shown interest by clicking on your first product link, chances are much higher they will click (and purchase) again. 

How to configure GTM for adding pixels

  1. Log into https://tagmanager.google.com
  2. Click Add New Account
  3. Click Set up New Container, then click Create

  4. Read and accept the ToS
  5. The “Install Google Tag Manager” snippet will pop up right away, and this is the code you’ll need to implement, but for now don’t do anything and just click "OK".

  6. Click on New Tag

  7. Choose on the type of tag you want to create. In this example, we'll use Google AdWords

  8. Choose AdWords Remarketing, then choose “Click”
  9. For this page, use the following settings, then save.

  10. Click Continue
  11. For “Configure your tag,” just use the info from your Google Adwords Pixel. You’ll need the Conversion ID and Conversion Label, and leave the rest the same.
  12. Click “Create Tag”
  13. On the next screen, click “Publish” in the top-right, then “Publish Now” on the screen that pops up.
  14. Click on Install GTM, which brings you back to the screen with the code you’ll need to paste into your geni.us link.

Adding your pixel to Geniuslink

  1. Log into your Geniuslink account. 
  2. Navigate to the Account page
  3. Click "Add a Pixel"

  4. Paste in the code in its entirety and click save. 
  5. Navigate to the links page
  6. Create a new link
  7. Under the pixeling section, select the pixel(s) you just created (or add a new one by selecting "Add new pixel...").

  8. Save the link