Conversion pixels allow you to create Twitter Ads that retarget people who have previously clicked on your pixeled geni.us links. This means that you can create more targeted campaigns around the items you're promoting by advertising directly to parties who were previously interested in the same, or similar products.

For example - If you promote your latest book on Twitter through a geni.us link, whenever someone clicks that pixeled link, they'll get added to a Twitter Tailored Audience. Then, if you write a sequel to your best-seller, you can create a Tailored Audience ad directly to the people who showed interest in your previous book. This gives you a much higher likelihood of more purchases through your ads, since you're targeting people that have already shown interest in your previous work. 

How to create a Twitter Conversion Pixel:

  1. Log into your Twitter account and click your icon on the top-right of your screen
  2. Choose Twitter Ads from the drop-down menu.

  3. In the new window that pops up, select the Tools Menu, then hit Conversion Tracking

  4. Select "Create new website tag"

  5. Name the tag, then select the type of conversion you want to track (We suggest "Custom," but ultimately it's up to you).

  6. Leave the "Create a tailored audience" box checked, as that's what you use later to market your next best-seller

  7. Click "Save tag and generate code snippet"

  8. Copy the code snippet in its entirety, then head over to your geni.us account to paste. 

Adding your pixel to Geniuslink

  1. Log into your Geniuslink account. 
  2. Navigate to the Account page
  3. Click "Add a Pixel"

  4. Paste in the code in its entirety and click save. 
  5. Navigate to the links page
  6. Create a new link
  7. Under the pixeling section, select the pixel(s) you just created (or add a new one by selecting "Add new pixel...").

  8. Save the link, and your Tailored Audience will be built based off anyone who clicks.