What is the Search Link Format? 

The Search link style is typically the best route for your Genius Link integration when you:

  • Don't have an existing affiliate link or you are just getting started
  • Don't have a landing page URL
  • Do have some information or meta data about the item you wish to link to
  • Are building a Geni.us link to iTunes music (for now, this feature is only available for iTunes and music)


In addition to being an easy link to build, this linking style offers another significant benefit: if iTunes changes the ID of the item you link to, your link will not break and you will not have to update it.


The currently supported parameters include:

Parameter Accepted Values
vendor (mandatory) iTunes
type (mandatory) Music
ArtistName (mandatory) URL encoded text
AlbumName URL encoded text
TrackName URL encoded text

For each of the examples below, you would replace the "{TSID}" string below with your own TSID value. Find your unique TSID value on the "Groups" page in the Genius Link Dashboard.


1: A link for a user to download the Pearl Jam song "Jeremy," from the album "Ten" from iTunes:




2: A link for a user to go to the artist page for "Lady Gaga" in iTunes: