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If you already have an accountlogin here, then follow these quick steps to get you started on your journey toward total link domination:

Implementation / Adding Links
Depending on your needs, you can either manually build each link one by one (great for adding Advanced Targeting Scenarios, or using a Custom Domain), or programatically to create a bunch at once. Here's the layout of going either direction: 

Build links Manually:
    • Geni.us Link Creator Tool - Create shortened links to any domain; add advanced targeting to route your traffic differently based off of country, device, operating system or time; add retargeting pixels from Facebook, Twitter, or Google Tag Manager; and much more.  

Build links Programmatically:
Affiliating your links
Are you using the iTunes or Amazon Affiliate programs?  If so, you can enter your Affiliate parameters into the Geniuslink Dashboard to automatically earn affiliate commissions, from anywhere in the world.  Currently Geniuslink supports the Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes Affiliate programs, but more are on the way soon!
Testing your Links
Now that you have built your geni.us links, you can test them based off of country, device, operating system or time, to ensure that they are working correctly.  
Navigating the Dashboard
The Geniuslink dashboard is the central nervous system for all of your marketing efforts. 
Reset a Forgotten Password
If you forget your password, or it doesn't seem to be working, you can use the "Forgot your login?" link to reset it. It will ask for your Geniuslink username and once provided, will send you an email with instructions to reset your password.
  • Also, please note:

    • Your username is not your email address. When you signed up for Geniuslink, you created a custom username for the service.
    • You may be locked out of your account after too many failed log in attempts, so be sure to contact us if this happens and we can unlock it for you. 

  • For every client, your first 1000 clicks every month is free. If you push less than 1000 clicks, you will never be charged to use our service. 
  • Once you have passed this threshold, there will be a charge of $10 for every 10,000 clicks that you push. For example, if you send 40,000 clicks through our service this month, you will be charged $40 at the end of the month.  

What happens to my links when I don’t pay my bill?
  • After signing up for the service, you have a free 14 day no obligations trial.  Once your trial has expired, you must enter your credit card information within 30 days, or your links will no longer be affiliated with your ID, any advanced scenarios that you created will be disabled. and you won't have access to your analytics. Once your outstanding bill has been paid, full functionality will be restored to your account.